Empowering Body, Voice, & Spirit



Margaret and Natalie, are healing luminaries who offer Luminous Touch 5D as LOVE IN ACTION. Partnered in life and work, Margaret and Natalie create individualized sessions and workshops for clients who desire to live truthfully and express their purpose through their body, voice, and heart. Luminous Touch 5D is the synthesis of over 40 years of combined experience and seeks to be of service in helping clients navigate life on planet Earth while discovering self-love through personal transformation.  

With magical medicine bags, Margaret and Natalie listen to the messages of your body - the vehicle of your spirit - while considering your astrological natal chart energies and Human Design to address and assist in freeing the restrictions in your body and voice.

Margaret and Natalie, empower through their ability to channel wisdom and dispatch darkness back to Source. They live and practice in Boulder, CO and love to travel.