Empowering Body, Voice, & Spirit

About Natalie

Natalie is a Wayshower of the New Paradigm, bringing extraordinary listening skills and intuitive guidance to Manual Therapy. Her presence alone empowers individuals to love themselves. With her holistic approach to bodywork, she has helped clients in myriad ways from aiding in digestion to supporting fertility. Natalie’s passion for health and vitality has inspired her to lead fellow practitioners in expanding and deepening their skills through mentorship and study groups.

Her skills and talents include: Visceral, Vascular & Neural Manipulation, Massage Therapy, Evolutionary & Black Moon Astrology and Human Design. Natalie is an avid baker, using the highest quality ingredients infused with love and often shares them with her clients.

Natalie’s training grounds and teachers include: The University of Alabama, National Outdoor Leadership School, Avatar, The Boulder College of Massage Therapy, the Barral Institute, Mimi Berger, Kaypacha’s New Paradigm Astrology, Theresa Blanding for Human Design and Laura Walker of the Oracle Report.

Natalie has served on the faculty of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy and has assisted classes for the Barral Institute as well as offered study groups for 11 years. She has been working in Private Practice for 20 years.